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"Protect Your Home with Fortified Locksmiths Leeds - Professional Solutions for Double Glazing Repairs"

At Fortified Locksmiths Leeds, we are proud to provide the highest quality service for all your locksmith needs. With experience Leeds locksmiths provide pvc repairs, windows and doors, composite doors and new parts, you can rest assured that our team will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today and let us show you why we are the best in the business!

Call Leeds UPVC repairs today

uPVC and composite door repairs Leeds.

Leeds PVC door repairs

At Fortified Locksmiths in Leeds we have been providing Upvc door repairs for many years. We pride ourselves in our ability to make you safe again in a fast and professional manor.

We offer a 7 day week service so if you are having uPVC door issues please contact us a soon as possible.

For more information , a quote, or any information please contact us today on 


Composite door repairs Leeds

Welcome to our page for composite door repairs in Leeds and surrounding areas. As well as uPVC repairs we also repair composite doors. We have many parts in stock from mechanisms, handles, locks and hinges.


Sometimes a service can rectify some problems which is always recommended before any further damage can occur. Locked out?, we can gain entry too to doors that will not open as well as secure doors that will not lock.


Contact us today for composite door repairs in Leeds.


Composite door repairs Leeds.
Leeds doors and windows repairs

PVC window repairs Leeds

Having trouble with your uPVC windows in Leeds. Stuck closed or will not open we can help you out. We have a good stock of hinges, handles, mechanisms and the knowledge to make your window work like it did before.


Sometimes a service can fix issues if you are struggling to close it due to being tight against the frame or you have to lift up the window to shut properly. 

Do not wait until it becomes an emergency, call us today to arrange your repair.


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