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Aluminium Commercial Shop Door Repairs.

Fortified Locksmiths Wakefield offer commercial shops, offices, schools and warehouses door repairs for the Aluminium style door in the Yorkshire area. Over time doors become problematic, becoming stiff and worn. The doors regularly need maintenance or parts will need replacing if they cease to work at all, leaving you unable to close or open the door. We also repair and install fire exits, panic bars and all egress parts.


Based in Wakefield we are never too far away if your having problems with your doors or windows. We have the experience to deal with many issues which maybe effecting the day to day running of your business. We are your choice for Aluminium Door service and repairs. Contact your Local locksmith today about Aluminium repairs in Yorkshire. For Leeds Locksmiths for homes visit us or for Wakefield Locksmiths take a look.


Aluminium Shop Door Closers

Over time the closer on the doors can fail which would be noticeable when the door closes very fast or an oil leak coming from the top of the door. These are heavy doors and that failure can be a health and safety risk to you and the members of the public slamming shut. A change of the closer is the only option in this case. We can supply and change these closers top or bottom mounted.


We can also change the closers to become hold open or none hold open, meaning you can keep the door open all the time rather than put a door wedge in or if your tired of closing the door a non hold open version is a must. Contact Wakefield locksmiths to talk about aluminum door repairs or Contact locksmith Leeds today.

Shop door locks and replacements in Wakefield.

Shop Door Lock Repair and Replacement

If your Metal shop door or the lock is not working correctly, we can repair or replace parts required. Not always does the lock need replacing, they can be serviced too bringing them back to working condition. We can offer replacement locks if required or even upgrades to your current security.


We repair and install new mechanisms, handles, new flush bolts and additional security. We can fit finger guards to doors too protecting everyone from injury. Fire door repairs are also a service we offer, from handles to panic bars and shoot bolts. We can convert from only exit into entrance as well for staff to make way into your building.

Shop door repairs Wakefield. Office door repairs Wakefield.

Shop Door Office Door Service Wakefield

Aluminium doors are durable and will last a long time but require proper maintenance. If your aluminium has a fault, it does not mean you need a new one. Our professional team can repair issues such as the door closing too fast or too slow, door will not lock or unlock,  door has become loose. We carry out repairs across Wakefield and Leeds so you can count on your Yorkshire Locksmiths.

  • Transom closers

  •  Alignment issues

  • Sticky mechanisms

  • Damaged door handles

  • Upgrade locks

  • Fit extra security 

  • Fit finger guards

  • Fire exits

  • Panic bars

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